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Qdoc is a powerful software tool which was designed by the Quality Engineers working for Automotive Companies  in response to growing and changing Qaulity Systems needs. Qdoc software offres a comprehensive system for creating highly consisten package of quality documents: Process Diagram, PFMEA and Control Plan.     Additionally some useful modules were implemented : "Attachments Manager" , "Process Defectiveness", "Proces Development". We encourage you to read detailed Qdoc program description below.

1   Screens Process Diagram 2 Screens FMEA 3 Screens Control Plan 4 Screen Defectiveness

Process Flow Diagram                 (Flow Chart)

Qdoc software allows you to create tabular form of Process Flow Diagram including key process parameters, product features and special characteristic. To every process operation added to a Diagram you can track all changes implemented by a Process Enginner and use these data in the future to better understand behaviour of machine/device or tools. After adding new operation to Diagram, Qdoc software automatically creates appropriate rows in FMEA and Control Plan documents with particular consideration of defined process parameters. This ensures a consistency of all created documents.

Attachments Manager

For every process operation you can easily add operator control instruction, machine instruction, MSA reports, Qualification reports, Calibration reports, Quality Alerts, Annual Revalidation reports. This guarantees total process and quality documentation supervision.

New Module! Process Development

Since 2017-04-23 "Process Development" module has been added to Qdoc Program, which helps Quality and Engineering teams manage the actions and tasks to improve production processes, machines or devices.  

Main Qdoc Functions


Process FMEA                          (PFMEA)

Failure mode and effects analysis as a very useful tool for process risk assessment requires a robust management and supervision, especially when production process is highly developed. Qdoc software with implemented FMEA AIAG 4th ed. form helps users to prepare well and clearly documented risk analysis and develop this during whole lifetime of project. Implemented tools allow to perfor different kind of reports like TOP RPN, highest Severity ranking or recommended actions list with distribution chart.

New Module! Process Defectiveness

Since 2017-01-03 "Process Defectiveness Module has been added to Qdoc Program. Now all data related to failures detected during product inspections can be linked with the particular process operation. FPY or PPM results can be presented in a table. Top failures are shown using Pareto chart


Process Control Plan                     (CP)

A Control Plan document created by Qdoc software is compliant with AIAG APQP manual and consistent with rest of documents Process Diagram and FMEA. It is also a base for Operator Control Instruction creator available in Qdoc+ version.   


Qdoc computer system requirements :                > System Windows XP,7,8,10                                > Framework 3.5 - 4.5                                        > Microsoft Excel (in case of documents            export)